Friday, July 29, 2016

Voting One's Conscience (pt1)

"What is your conscience saying?"

Barack Obama has been one of the most successful presidents in American history, and it was the republican lapdogs, the turn-coat traitors, we elected to oppose him, who have been his most helpful allies.  Obama could not have succeeded, in his fundamental transformation of America, without them.  

These same republicans are now embracing Donald Trump, and it can only be for one of two reasons.  Either because they expect him to lose, which will enable them to remain as they are, with the power they currently enjoy, or because they know he will fall in line, which will enable them to remain as they are, with the power they currently enjoy.  

Trump and his followers have been saying that Trump cannot be bought.  But he's already been bought; his price was just different than guys like Christie, Bush, McCain, or Romney; his price was credibility, and power.   The Trump as "Outsider" is gone, and he's now the, all in, inside player, and I believe we are being sold out once again.

All the speeches and promises about fixing all the wrongs brought about by the current administration, is all just slight of hand, smoke and mirrors.  Most of what Trump is saying, the things we want to hear, could have all be done already, since the republicans have had the majority of both houses.  The only reason Trump had any glimmer, was because he is/was saying what many were already thinking, he was despised by the republican machine, and we believed he was different than they.  He is now one of them.

This is the point of a call to vote your conscience.  The sad reality, is if elected, Trump will likely deliver on nothing he says he will do, and in fact, it is quite probable that he will do the exact opposite of some of what he says he will do, as can be seen in some of his already changes of mind.   I believe that a president Trump will not be the savior of America, but instead will be a great disappointment, even to the most faithful of his drones. 

But on the other side of this terrible coin, a president Hillary will likely deliver on much of what she says she will do, and will fearfully be as successful as her predecessor.  So it's with this in mind, with no clear good and bad candidate, but instead, only a bad and worse, I have to ask, what does my conscience tell me to do?  What does your conscience tell you to do?  

With no jest, and with no exaggeration, I would greatly prefer an American citizen chosen at random, by lottery, than either of the two major candidates.  I believe the odds of gaining a constitutional conservative would be in our favor.  But since this would not be constitutional, we will have to choose from one of only four options.  We can vote for Hillary, and participate in the collapse of western civilization, we can vote for Trump, and slow down that collapse, we can vote for someone else, or we can stay home (options one, three and four being equal in outcome).  The problem with voting for Hillary, staying home, or voting for a third-party or write-in candidate, is that Hillary will win, and we do not need a prophet to foretell the course and outcome of a Hillary presidency.  Even for the least Christ-minded conscience, this has to be the most ungodly conclusion of this election.  

I will vote according to my conscience, and will encourage others to do the same, because with such pathetic choices, this is a decision only one's conscience should make.  So the question for you is, "What is your conscience saying?"