Sunday, October 16, 2016

Changing, Changing, Changed

Or, Why America's Decline Just Happens to Parallel Obama's Fundamental Transformation of America 

1. America is Changing
The re-election of Barak Obama proved to be a major shift in the United States historical timeline, not so for the first.  The election of a black man has been inevitable since Lincoln, it was the racism of the Democrat party that made that seem to be an impossibility for over a hundred years since the Emancipation Proclamation.  So it was not that his first election was so monumental.  No, the real surprise, was that in 2008, Americans elected a Marxist to the presidency.  It can be argued that for the first election, not every voter knew that.  However, it is indisputable that for the second, they did, and they wanted it.  

2. Hope and Change 
Obama's re-election proved that the scale of the American character had tipped toward a desire for dependency on government, rather than a dependency on God, family, and/or self.  A Marxist worldview in America had out performed the Christian worldview of our founding.  The responsibilities associated with freedom and liberty under constitutional law, were too much to bear for the American electorate.  The demand that someone else should pay for it, overwhelmed those saying, "Don't tread on me."  The foundation to "Fundamentally Transform" the United States was not laid by Barak Obama, he only seized on what was already there.  The "Hope" was that the government school system had done its job by preparing the way for Obama to bring a about the change, and the change is an increasingly centralized and oppressive government, i.e., Marxism.  

3. When Did This Begin?
Incidentally, Joe McCarthy was right.  American government, academia, news media, and Hollywood, were infested with communists and communist sympathizers.  He was right that they were here, and he was right that they needed to be exposed and eradicated.  They won the political/media argument back then, and they're still winning it now.  The only difference between then and now, is that then, communist subversives hid like vermin, ran like cockroaches when the light was turned on, and lied about their loyalties and agenda.  Now their just a little more honest about what they believe, and what they want to accomplish.  Then they were Communist Party USA, now, they are loyal Democrats. 

4. "Useful Idiots" 
This type of "Fundamental transformation" cannot succeed without elitists pointing the way, nor can they gain ground without compliance from the masses.  Among the masses, there have always been dupes in our society, stooges that would fall in line at the promise of getting what they're told to want, in our case, it's something "Free."  They basically say, "Relieve my anxiety in this area of my greatest concern, and I will vote as you dictate, I will think as you dictate, I will give you as much power over me as you desire,   In return, I only require a remnant of liberty, the illusion of freedom."

During the early stages of this Marxist transformation of America, it was food and shelter that people truly needed.  The government-instigated-depression, i.e., the Great Depression, left so many hard working Americans destitute, that they didn't know where to turn.  Unfortunately, for relief, they turned to the very people that caused the problem in the first place, the federal government.  

As of October, 2016, I still credit FDR as being the worst, and most destructive, president of the United States.   Every president since, excluding Reagan, has taken what FDR started, even further.  In the case of Obama, a lot further.  

5. Dependence For All
I had a friend who was “Kept.”  She was a little embarrassed by it, but she didn’t deny it.  She had a great apartment, nice cloths, and pretty much anything she wanted, and what was best of all, in her mind, was that she didn’t have to pay for it.  She just had to be at her “Keepers” beck and call.  She was a weak person of low character.  She did not want to work hard, so she traded her freedom, her identity, and her dignity, for the material things she wanted.  She was able to get most of what she wanted, and someone else was going to pay for it.  Were those things she received really free?  No, the price was actually very high.  She eventually realized it, left, and for awhile, ended up worse off than when she started, but eventually regained her life.  

This is exactly what our federal government is like, and has been doing to millions of Americans since the New Deal.  It’s only been getting worse under the current administration.  

6. Traitors
In a representative democratic republic, it's not only the will of the tyrant, and the greed and weakness of the people, that are bringing about this change.  Those we elected to represent us have turned their backs on their constitutional responsibilities, as well as our constitutional rights as American citizens, in order to guarantee this fundamental transformation takes.  They sit on their hands while Obama mocks his constitutional boundaries with his pen and his phone.  Barak Obama, the majority of both houses of both parties, and most of the Supreme Court are traitors.  They are traitors to the Constitution, traitors to the American citizenry, and traitors to Liberty.  

7. Traitors to Liberty?
Simply defined, Liberty is freedom from government, freedom from tyranny, freedom from oppression.  But for Liberty to exist, there is a price to pay, and the reelection of Barak Obama proved that there are too few Americans willing to pay that price.   

Liberty includes the freedom to reap the rewards of hard work, it contains the freedom to take risks, and to make profit, as well as the freedom to take risks, and to fail.  There are no guarantees of outcome with Liberty, and many will have to learn the hard way, but neither are there guarantees of outcome with utopian government.  Americans, since the pilgrims, overwhelmingly preferred the risks of Liberty, to the guarantees of tyranny.  Sadly, this is no longer the case.  

The evidence that America has permanently turned, includes the success of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.  That either of these candidates have been taken seriously, proves that, not only were we betrayed by our leaders and representatives, but we have been betrayed by our neighbors, coworkers, and friends.  They may be wonderful people, but they are going to elect a Marxist to the White House, and are therefore, traitors to liberty.  

8. From Democratic Republic, to Democracy, to Anarchy, to Tyranny 
From the ratification of the Constitution until today, the United States has been becoming less of a democratic-republic, and more of a democracy of "useful idiots," viz., minions of an elitist class of oligarchs.

The main problem with true democracy, is that it gives the people the power to dismantle itself, to destroy its own society, to commit civil suicide, i.e., fall into anarchy.  They do this morally, politically, and culturally, and before too long, they institute tyranny.   

9. Election 2016
Whether it's Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or some surprise waiting for us, the winner of this upcoming election will not change the hearts of the people in America, and so our decline is certain.  In our hearts we have turned from God.  We want to be like the other nations, and have therefore, demanded a king.  In our case, the king is us.  It's our own sinful lusts, it's our desire for no sexual boundaries, a moral revolution, no God to give us a standard to live by, or to tell us of sin and hell.  

A nation can survive civil war, world war, and nuclear war, it can survive political and military failures, but it cannot survive moral collapse.  America cannot survive this moral decline, America will not survive this moral decline.  

Monday, October 3, 2016

For the Christian struggling with whether or not it is morally permissible to vote for Donald Trump

For the Christian struggling with whether or not it is morally permissible to vote for Donald Trump

First off, truth matters.  Donald Trump is not a "good candidate with flaws."  Abraham Lincoln was a good candidate with flaws.  Ronald Reagan was a good candidate with flaws.  Ted Cruz was a good candidate with flaws.  By framing it that way, is to imply that constitutional conservatives are demanding a candidate without flaws, a perfect candidate, and I don't think that it's fair to suggest that.  Donald Trump is not a good candidate with flaws, he is a bad candidate, and perhaps even the worst of the original batch trying for the republican nomination.  However, in light of Hillary Clinton, he is a gem.  First off, I have no reason to believe that he will try to destroy Christianity in America, I believe Hillary will.  Secondly, he's not a Marxist, she is.  

My reason for even mentioning my opinion on this, is because I think Christians should labor through this decision (as Dr. Grudem does, see link at bottom), and not just mindlessly fall in line.  If we just conclude, "Not Hillary, therefore Trump," we are really no different that the opposition, but we are better than that.  

I have come to despise the Republican Party, because it now is a den of traitors.  They have betrayed this nation, the Constitution, and my children.  What they have done, and are continuing to do, I've always expected from American Marxists, i.e., the democrats, but not my party.  I distrust Donald Trump, and believe many of his followers to be mindless drones.  Not because they like him, but because many have ceased to be thinkers. They drank the Kool-Aid early on, and are just like the Bernie/Hillary supporters.   I am no fan of Trump, not because of of his moral flaws of the past, but because of what I believe to be a moral flaw of the present, I believe he's lying to us, saying at every moment what he thinks people want to hear, trying to appeal to Bernie supporters, instead of constitutional conservatives.  All those things Grudem lays out sound wonderful, but each time I've gained a little confidence in Trump, he changes his mind on something important.  

But in the end, I will vote according to my conscience.  I will go into the booth, pray for God's mercy, and if there are no major changes between now and then, I will vote for Donald Trump. Why?  Because when I'm trying to explain to my grandkids what happened to this once great nation, I can tell them that I did all I knew to do, but it was sadly, just not enough.