Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Why I Believe Christians Should Vote For Donald Trump Today

Why I Believe Christians Should Vote For Donald Trump Today

I read the words of many Christians who have been attacking each other over the lead up to this election.  There is the "Vote for Trump" side, and then there's the "Vote only for a Godly person' side.  I have been tempted to weight in, but I'm usually smarter than that, since it's like getting in the middle of an argument between a group of drunken fools.  

Remember Israel during the time of the Judges?  "In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes" (17:6).  What was right in their own eyes, was evil in the eyes of God, rebellion, idolatry, etc.  Notice that the people did not need an evil king, to do evil in the sight of God.  If the people would have been godly, the absence of a king would not have hindered that godliness, likewise, if they had a godly king, they would not have been more godly, than if they had a wicked king.  The state of whether or not a nation pleases God, has little to do with its leaders, and everything to do with its people.  A wicked king, presiding over a godly people, should worry about God's judgement, and a wicked people, regardless of the king, should do the same.  We have become a wicked people.

Our, lying, abominable, leaders are not the reason the American people have tuned away from God, in fact, we have these reprobates in elected office, simply because enough people want them, it's basic math.  Our godless immoral leaders are a consequence of the American people's godless immorality.  We have taken for ourselves, leaders like ourselves, leaders that will give us what we want.  We, as Americans want no moral restraint, and we secure leaders that will lie, cheat, and steal, to assure that end for us.  Our rebellion against God is the cause of our national troubles, and the corrupt leaders we have been getting, are the effect.  

As Christians, we pray for godly leaders.  Why?  It's practically insane to do so.  Do the American people deserve godly leaders?  Would the American people even tolerate godly leaders?  We are getting the leaders that we should have, God is allowing for us the leaders that represent us as a whole.  No, I'm not being represented, no True Christian is, but we're not the majority, the majority of Americans are being wonderfully represented.

Maybe, instead of fighting amongst each other, proving our points, and severing relationships, we should be praying for the American people, and for the Church that should be reaching them with the gospel that transforms lives.  

Ultimately, God picks our leaders, but in America, He allows us to be apart of it.  

I have no reason to think that Trump is a Christian, baby or otherwise, and as it relates to this election, I really don't care.  He has displayed bad fruit, and according to Jesus, that's what I need to go by, in determining who is a follower of Christ, and who is not.  Besides, can anyone say, "Jimmy Carter!"

If you are a Christian that is just too righteous to vote for Trump, I will not judge your love or devotion for God, but I will judge your ability or willingness to reason.  Jesus didn't say to pluck out your eye because there are sinful things in the world that you will see, He said, "If your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and cast it into the fire."  Will Donald Trump as president cause you to sin?  Would a righteous president cause you to be more righteous?  If you would chop off your own feet, because you never wish to walk on unholy ground, there is something seriously wrong with your understanding of God, and your application of His word.  

Hillary Clinton seems to truly hate God, the things of God, the word of God, and those who try to follow God, and she has made it clear that she is going to do things to harm the Church.  I do not see any of these characteristics in Donald Trump.  I believe that if every Christian in America would vote for Trump today, he would win by a landslide.  This would not make America great, but it would give the Church in this country four years to realize that we almost lost America for good, and we better repent.